What We Do

What will your future look like? Do you envision relaxing on a beach, spending more time with your family and friends, traveling, or maybe something else?

Our process begins with learning more about you and your dreams so that we may provide custom solutions for your future. We focus on asking the right questions upfront and listening intently. Only after gaining a true understanding of who you are can we provide solutions that work for you.

Retirement Income Planning

Can you confidently answer how much you will need to retire, or where your retirement income will come from? At Investment Planning Group, we will help you address these questions and more. We use a strategy called time segmentation which involves investing differently for retirement spending goals that fall at different points in retirement. With time segmentation, we can show you what your entire retirement life will look like, today and 20 years from now.

Investment Management

Investment management is all about bringing Wall Street to you and making the financial world accessible. We assist in the development of investment portfolios that reflect your unique needs. Each portfolio is designed based on your investment preferences, risk tolerance, and investing time horizon in order to give you the best opportunity to live a comfortable retirement.

Financial Planning

Planning for your financial future is an ongoing process that takes many years. We will work with you to develop a customized financial plan based on your particular needs, concerns, and goals. We take a comprehensive view of all of your finances and use time-tested tools and strategies when constructing a plan for you. As life happens and goals change, we believe flexibility in your plan is key.

Start structuring your plan with us now!

Retire with more than a pie chart – retire with a plan.